Saturday, January 20, 2007


tellthemTODAY !!!!!!!

This is IT !!! The first tellthemday !!!

I hope you all feel like I do, like a pioneer starting out into a wilderness. Several wildernesses actually- the wilderness inside ourselves that holds our secrets, the wilderness that keeps them held, and the wilderness in others that we'll explore when we tell.

Caitlin is right-We all can! !!!

(I already did mine, a day early- check the stories post below.)

I'm putting the stories in the stories post below, scroll down or click on the side bar...
I didn't do it..

But I told every one of my friends about it & I hope they were able to accomplish what I was not.
Well I didn't do it, either.. He has a different girlfriend now, anyway.... I'm supposed to hang out with him tomorrow, but I don't know how I'll face him.
so are we going to have another one of these, or is it going to be just once a year? I feel like getting motivated to tell someone something. =)
Yes, are we doing another one in 2008? I'm up for it, for real this time.
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