Monday, January 07, 2008


PostSecret is the most amazing work of art I've ever seen. Mr. Warren posted four responses to this card-

"It's posted. Tell them quickly before you chicken out."

"Run, run, tell them now!"

"There should be a day, every year-- a new holiday: Tell Them Day. A day when we all, together, gather Braveness in our hands and Run to those we love silently, and Sing."

"Maybe there should be a day when we actually come out and tell someone we don't love them too. Maybe it could be the same day. I think that part would be even harder."

Brilliant. We already talk like pirates or wear green on particular days, and love is way more important. And I believe that we ALL have something inside us that we are too shy, afraid, or embarassed to say out loud.

Valentine's day is taken already, limited to "I love you", and it's burdened with the commercial chocolate/flowers/diamonds thing.

Maybe we could expand it to tell, not necessarily love or not love, but THE THING to the people we want to know it? It could be a secret, or something you just want to make explicit. "I love you" is the inspiration, and "I don't love you" is pretty important too. But it doesn't have to be love at all. You might want to tell about something good you did, or are doing, or that someone has helped you with his good deeds. You might have a work or home problem that you want to air, but haven't. Here is your inspiration, motive, or excuse to tell your roommate "I really wish you would empty out the dish washer before you put dirty plates in!"

The only rule is that it has to be something that you have never told this person before.

I wish this would take off like talk like a pirate day has. I'll do what the pirate day people have to promote your responses- I'll post your pictures, stories, and suggestions. Tell Them Parties? Tell Them Day call in radio programs? Have at it. Post them as comments, or send them to my email,

And even though there is a special day, you don't have to wait for it.

But if you need a special day, it's JANUARY 20 - TELL THEM DAY.

So run with it, tell your friends about tellthemday . If you link to this page, I'll link back to you to help get the word out.

TellThemDay plans...

Anonymous a former friend said...

I've got a plan to salvage a friendship. I guess I'll write her on the internet. I'm realy scared she'll just laugh and call me pathetic. I don't think she cares about me anymore and I know she said I never mattered but I know that isn't true. I jus need to know for sure if she misses me too.

Tellthemday said: If you don't try, you'll spend the rest of your life wondering, won't you? After all, you already think she thinks you're pathetic, what do you have to lose? If she does, you can get on with it. If she still wants to be friends, you have saved a great and precious thing. I miss the friends I've lost and don't think any of them are pathetic- thugh they might think it of me. I wish I had your courage.

Let us know how it turns out, if you like.

This is where I'll post the plans you have for telling them. Making a plan makes doing anything easier, and writing it down even more so. Plus, you might inspire someone else!

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